Club Rules


Redditch Judo Kwai


Below are Redditch Judo Kwai’s club rules, which are specific to us.  We expect each and every Judoka to follow them as well as The Judo Code, as this will allow everybody to have a good experience at the club and create a beautiful environment for all.

1. To follow the Judo Code.

2. To be on time for each session.

3. To help with putting down and picking up of the mats at the start/end of each session.    (Many hands make light work)

4. To always wear a clean Judogi.

5. Girls/Women are to wear a T-shirt under their jacket (However this must be white at a competition).

6. Finger and Toe nails are to be kept clean and short.

7. There is to be no swearing in the Dojo.

8. Long hair needs to be tied back with an elastic bobble which has no metal in it.

9. No jewellery or hard metallic objects are allowed to be worn on the mat.

10. No eating is allowed on the mat.

11. All Judokas should execute a standing bow, when entering/leaving the dojo. (always facing in towards the dojo)

12. All Judokas should execute a standing bow, when stepping on/off the mat facing the direction of the mat.

13.The correct standing and kneeling bows should be used.

14. No shoes on the mat.

15. Footwear/Zoris are to be worn to the edge of the mat and off the mat.

16. Obey the instructions of your coach.

17. There is to be no talking when the coaches are demonstrating a   technique out of respect.

18. All Judoka should respect and help each other.

19. You should always ask the coach if you need to leave the mat.

20. Use the changing rooms if you are removing clothing to your underwear.

21. Only wear socks on the mat if you have a foot infection, e.g. verruca’s.

22. If a Judo GI is to be worn to and from the Dojo, it must be completely covered.  This is for hygiene reasons.

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The British Judo Association has set out the following code, which was invented by Jigoro Kano.  It is known as “The Judo Code” 

All Judoka are required to follow The Judo Code


Be polite to other people.


Face difficulty without fear.

Fair play

Be a good sport, play by the rules, don’t stand for bulling and encourage equality.


Fairness in beliefs and actions.


Be without vanity or boastfulness.


Regards for others.  Show good manners to your Coach and each other, always be polite, follow judo etiquette in the dojo – bow when you go onto and leave the mat, bow to your Coach at the beginning and the end of the session, bow to your partner at the start and end of each practice.


Control over yourself and actions.  Work hard, listen to

Instructions, be punctual, and don’t miss lessons.


Be a good friend, welcome newcomers, and be helpful and kind.


Pay attention to personal cleanliness, keep fingernails short and clean, wear clean Judogi, no footwear/Zoris on the mat, wear Zoris (flip flops) off the mat.

Remember Judo is a sport for life. Follow the judo code, and show the spirit of judo in everything you do.