Safe guarding

Safe guarding and Club Welfare Officer CWO Information

Your Club Welfare Office can offer you advice or seek further help for you or contact the British Judo Safeguarding Team on  0121 728 6984 (ext: 223)



The CWO is one of the most important roles within the club.  Everyone in the club should know who the CWO is and how to contact them. 

Our CWO'S are Amanda and Tina and they can be contacted on email:

Here are Redditch Judo Kwai it is the whole club’s responsibility to ensure children’s and young people’s welfare is safeguarded at club level.  Due to the nature of our CWO’s role they have a separate role from coaching for best practice.

The CWO has a key role in advising the committee of the club on its approach and ensuring that safe guarding is monitored and reviewed, and also provides a face to face document check, whilst checking the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) applications for Coaches and volunteers within the club.

Our CWO's is the first point of contact for staff/volunteer, parents and children and young people, where there are any concerns about a child of young person’s welfare, poor practice of child abuse. 

A CWO is responsible for following the British Judo Association’s policy and procedures, in particular the reporting procedures.  This means ensuring that the appropriate records are maintained.  CWO’s will assess the information promptly and carefully, clarifying or obtaining more information about the matter as appropriate.

Part of the CWO’s role will be to consult initially with a statutory child protection agency such as the local social services department or health board, or the NSPCC, to test out any doubts or uncertainty about the concerns as soon as possible. 

If then the CWO feels the need to make a formal referral to a statutory child protection agency e.g. social services department or the police they will do so without delay.

It must be stressed most importantly that it is NOT the role of the club or the club CWO to decide whether a child has been abused or not. This is the task of the social services department and the police or NSPCC.

The CWO will also do the following:

1.Maintain contact details for local Social Services, Police, and how to obtain the Area Child Protection Committee’s policy/procedures.

2.Promote the clubs best practice guidance/code of conduct within the club in line with the club’s plans. This may involve working with children/young people and parents on developing the club’s approach to the best behavior of everyone at the club.

3.The Club Welfare Officer also need to ensure that everyone is aware of what training is available and work with the club management committee to ensure that training requirements are met.

4.Ensure confidentiality is maintained alongside the club’s management committee.


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